September 20, 2010

happy monday - upcoming projects and tutorials

This morning happens to be a gorgeous, autumn morning. The air is cool and crisp, the wind is blowing ever so slightly, my windows are open, a flock of geese flew over the house headed for their winter homes and I have a hot cup of coffee. Need I say more?

Well, except for... I had to clean up moon sand, sawdust, pizza sauce and dog urine off of my deck first thing this morning. Yes, my hubby was in charge of the kids for a short few hours late yesterday afternoon so I could run some errands and well lets just say clean up is not his strong suit! I love him dearly!!! That's all I'm going to say on the subject. ;~)

The above photo's are a handful of projects I've got going simultaneously. In a previous post a couple weeks back I made it clear how the autumn season seems to send me into overdrive. Stay tuned for finished projects and some tutorials on how to make some of the items yourself if you'd like.

I can't forget this lovely piece of furniture that is undergoing a much needed makeover. I won't give you much detail now other than it involves 1, 2, 3, 4.... paint colors. Yes, I said FOUR! Let's see how long it takes me.

Happy Monday with much love!

Jenny K.


  1. I am so excited to see more! And, you know I LOVE that color palette you've got resting there.
    It's lovely out. I'm sewing Christmas gifts and drinking tea. Aaaahh...

  2. I can't wait to see the chest or dresser. I love the color palette. I am really enjoying your blog and look forward to seeing your completed projects. Your business cards look wonderful by the way.


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