September 27, 2010

Good Morning and a Happy Monday to you!!!!

Saturday and Sunday are always BIG days around this household. My hubby is home and that means more gets accomplished or at least that's what we strive for. We had a community wide yard sale in which my oldest daughter participated. She was trying to sell some of her clothing that does not fit in order to purchase new clothing. She didn't do that well so I will look into other avenues to sell her really nice stuff that is in GREAT condition but just doesn't fit.

Then I took my son to a birthday party for one of the sweetest little one year old girls I know. By the way, she has the most perfect hair you'd ever see on a wee one! I hope she enjoys her little monogrammed bucket bag. Cubby had a BLAST and I enjoyed seeing friends and visiting with everyone there.

That evening I cleaned out some kitchen cabinets because I'm into this purging and cleaning out what's behind closed doors thing now. I know my life is SUPER glamorous!

Then Sunday was filled with lots and lots and lots....

....from top left to bottom right!

I made monkey muffins inspired by the Cheeky Kitchen.

Baked some more french bread for the week only it was a light wheat version. All you need to do is follow the exact same recipe but instead of 7 cups of white bread flour use 6 cups of white bread flour and 1 cup of whole wheat flour.

Crocheted a few more rows to the item in the bottom left corner. That project is going to take me a long time to complete. It's ginormous!

Planted these gorgeous ornamental cabbage in my four window boxes. That was after my dear hubby cleaned out all the old plants and soil from the spring/summer planting. Usually what I plant in the boxes in the spring lasts me through the end of October but because of the incredibly harsh summer we had not much survived. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do... I couldn't have barren window boxes now could I?

Lastly I made homemade applesauce in my crockpot inspired by this blog. It was so yummy! No sugar necessary just a few sprinkles of cinnamon and then let it slow cook all day. It was fabulous served warm as an after dinner dessert last night. I highly recommend trying it out for yourself.

I pray this rainy Monday is just as productive as this past weekend! I've still got a lot on my list... and October and November are jam packed with family adventures and outings so I better get movin'.

Thanks for stopping by Blue Sky Confections!!!!!

Jenny K.


  1. Good Morning to you to Jenny,

    I just wanted to tell you how much i love you blog... sharing all your wisdom and cooking delights, creative talents... how to say thank you... i didn't grow up with this type of cooking or crafting, but grew to love it over my lifetime, and now, you make it possible for me to pursue with success. Your awesome. Such a big heart and so giving. Thanks hon. Gonna make a few of your recipes this week. My hubby is syked for sure!! hugs, michelle ;)

  2. Holy smokes, you are one busy lady! I love crock pot applesauce- you inspired me to throw some in this morning. What a treat for the kids tonight.
    Can't wait to see the crocheted project- the colors are beautiful!
    Love it! All of it! :-)


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