September 30, 2010

fall trends

There was a time, although I can hardly remember now, that I would purchase every fashion magazine on the news stand. I would comb through them for all the latest fashion and cosmetic trends and then work really hard to mimic them. I would count the 100 lipstick shades in my top dresser drawer and you would have NEVER spotted me without my nails in tip top shape and polished. Just ask my sister, I'm sure she would gladly dish the dirt on my glamor-girl days.

Having three messy, hungry children, a husband, a home, an at home business and more interests than I can count has zapped that area of my life for now. You will still find me on occasion with painted nails, you will never see me without makeup but sadly my wardrobe has seen better days. There is not a single fashion magazine in my house but I have every issue of MARTHA from the last 8-10 years and lots of graphic design publications.

Now days I follow home trends and recipes. I spend more time in the local fabric and craft store than I ever did in a cosmetic aisle at the drug store. I get really excited when I get a new planting catalog in the mail and a visit to the local nursery is a must in the spring, summer and fall! I spend a lot of time envisioning decor changes and color options in every room of my home and I absolutely love meeting women that share my interests and zeal for all things family and home.

When I was a teenager I would tell my mom that I was never going to be like her. I was never going to be a stay at home mom. I was going to be a career woman. I was going to climb a corporate ladder somewhere and I was getting out of that small town!

Well, I climbed the ladder for about 6 years after I got married and enjoyed it. I achieved the title of Senior Art Director and I was able to work on high profile projects - or at least they were high profile for the marketing agency I was employed by. I had other agencies making me offers to come work for them and that boosted my ego a bit I have to say. I was proud of my accomplishments and the title I had attained and then we moved for a job my husband was offered.

I'm still using all of my creative energy but in new venues. So stick around and you won't be disappointed!

For today I'll leave you with this...

All shades of purple! It's what is trendy in home decor, cosmetics and fashion so why not for your garden and plantings as well?

On the left is an ornamental cabbage and on the right is the purple hyacinth bean vine. It produces lots of lavender flowers and then in the fall all kinds of deep purple, seed pods which I harvest and save for the following spring.

Happy Fall Planting!

Thanks for stopping by Blue Sky Confections!

Jenny K.


  1. First-let me say that your beauty is absolutely from within. The nails may not be painted, but you are ALWAYS lovely!
    I saw in martha this month that purple was the fall color. I now have a purple bathroom, and I am thinking this is a color better left out of doors! Beautiful in a garden, however:-)

  2. Thanks Stephanie! :~) Can you paint in your new space?

  3. I remember your "glamour" days in college. :) With or without the latest fashions and make-up trends, you're gorgeous and as talented as ever! :) Love the purple! Wish you lived closer. My landscaping could really use your help!


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