August 11, 2010

you say tomayto I say tomahto, lets call the whole thing off...

Just kidding... I don't want to call anything off.

There will be a recipe for fresh garden salsa coming soon but until then here are a couple pics of produce from my little urban garden. Roma, black velvet, chocolate cherry, pear and cherokee variety tomatoes pictured. There is also a yellow pepper, a green pepper and several jalapeno peppers. Perfect for mixing up a batch of homemade, garden fresh salsa!

These are all the ingredients needed to make some of the best salsa around.


  1. I'll fry some fresh chips if you bring the salsa...
    LOVE your blog, friend!

  2. I would love to do that Stephanie!

  3. Your culinary and horticulture skills are rockin' girl! :) Wish I lived next door to you so I could sample all that yummy food!


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