August 18, 2010

recipe for garden salsa

8-10 Roma tomatoes
1/2 Medium onion
1/2  Green or yellow pepper
1 c Loosely packed cilantro leaves
1/2 Jalapeno pepper (depending on the size)
2 Cloves of garlic
2 tbsp. lime juice
Kosher salt to taste

If you like your salsa chunky you can rough chop all of these ingredients making sure the garlic is finely chopped. Mix it up in a large bowl, add your lime juice and salt to taste and let sit at room temp. for about an hour or so to let the flavors really meld.

If you like a traditional salsa you can use a food processor and blend all your ingredients. I have a technique for this... You want to add the harder veggies first starting with your onion and then followed by your peppers when those have a rough chop add the cilantro leaves. Stop the processor use a garlic press for your cloves of garlic and then add the tomatoes quartered. Once the tomatoes are added and before starting the processor add the salt and lime juice. Using the pulse feature on your machine, pulse the mixture to the consistency that you like. Keep in mind the processor works quickly.

You can use this mixture as a traditional dip for tortilla chips or you can top scrambled eggs or crispy hash browns with it, add it to cream cheese for a thick, rich dip, top all your Mexican foods with a big spoonful... or my favorite is to pan fry small tortilla shells with a light brushing of corn oil and when they're hot and crispy top the tortilla's with the refried bean mixture, some thinly sliced iceburg lettuce, cheddar cheese and then the salsa. It makes for a light refreshing meal. Don't forget a dollop of sour cream.



  1. Like all that you do, this sounds wonderful :-) I can't wait to make it with the veggies in "my" new garden!

  2. Leah JacobsenSeptember 01, 2010

    We love this salsa Jenny. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe.


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