August 25, 2010

the intoxicating moonflower

They say it's something our grandmother's would have planted but it's making a comeback in modern day flower gardens. The moonflower is a vine that can get up to 18 ft.+ tall and it only blooms at night. The blooms are large 5-6" white flowers that have the most amazing fragrance. I wish I could bottle it and I'm surprised someone hasn't already.

I first saw the plant at a local nursery and proceeded to look it up on the internet. I found that you can buy seed packets for a couple dollars so instead of buying one plant for $12 I opted for the seeds and started about 15 of my own in little recycled plastic pots from my past nursery purchases. Not all of the seeds sprouted but most of them did. Once the vine was about 12" tall I planted the ones I wanted in the ground and gave a few away to neighbors. Two of the vines flank my front porch steps climbing the white columns. They have become so dense they provide a certain amount of shade from the afternoon sun but most importantly, and what I was going for, beauty.

I am not a photographer and trying to get a great evening shot of this spectacular bloom was not easy but I hope the pictures give you an idea of what to expect if you choose to start your own moonflowers from seed next spring.

I like to sit on my front porch at night with the lights off and enjoy the fragrance that emanates from these lush, white, blooms, gaze at the stars and enjoy the peace and quiet.

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  1. I love them on your porch! I think it's a beautiful plant. Although, I've not been by at night to smell them- haha! If you hear someone outside, it's just me :-)


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