March 3, 2010

delicious... oh so good to the last sticky spoonful... strawberry jam

Strawberry season is just around the corner and you'll want to go out and pick lots and lots of the red, juicy delights so you can make this "strawberry freezer jam". When I made this for my family it all went in about a week. Now that is fast for jam, don't you think? Pair this with mascarpone cheese and slather it on some of that homemade bread I gave you the recipe for and you'll make a meal out of it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

My husband covets this stuff. So much so that he brought a jar of it to work with a sleeve of saltine crackers. He gave one cracker with a dollop of jam to each of his coworkers. *** "ONE" *** and when they discovered he had an entire jar and was only willing to part with one tiny serving they had a chuckle. I hope I'm inspiring you to gear up for a family trip to your local, pick your own, strawberry farm.

Follow this recipe: Strawberry Freezer Jam

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  1. My grandma made the best strawberry freezer jam! I miss it so much, and never got her recipe for it. Thanks for the recipe link!


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