March 1, 2010

Blue Sky Confections

Well it's no secret that I am new at blogging. I'm still trying to edit code and make this space what I want it to be. But until then...

Blue Sky Confections is being birthed out of my desire for all things creative.

The name "Blue Sky Confections" comes from:
1. I call my third baby Blue Skies and Sunshine
2. one of the definitions of confection is: An elaborately constructed thing

In future posts, you will be seeing baked goods and recipes, plantings, handmade custom print work, crocheted items and sewing projects smattered with home decor projects.

Looking at a lot of blogs it seems the more successful ones focus on one subject matter. I really struggled with that because I love so many creative venues but the common thread is handmade and home centered.

I hope that you find "Blue Sky Confections" a place of inspiration and good resource for all things handmade.

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  1. Can't wait to see what awesome things you'll be sharing on your blog! So glad you've started blogging!


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