April 22, 2014

A Spring Walk

Recently my husband, two youngest and I went for a walk on the trail in our neighborhood and made a stop at the playground. I took my camera along and snapped a few photos.

Mostly of the simple, yet beautiful things I often take for granted. In an effort to decompress I tried my best to let some of what troubles me on a daily basis go and enjoy the beauty around me.

There are so many blooms at this time of year and the bees are relishing every flower.

I got right up close to the tree in the photo below and the bees were buzzing all around me. I decided I had best move quickly with my photo taking and leave them to their work.

I really love how these pink, blossoms light up the pathway.

The kids ran ahead and that's when I captured this photo of my hubby with our Corgi, Lady Winifred.

Of course a walk in the neighborhood wouldn't be complete without a stop at the playground.

Oh to be a child again.


They live in the moment and don't allow the stress of tomorrow to ruin their fun.

The only balancing act they're doing is the one that is right in front of them at the time.

I need a new camera. Mine does okay but the lens is scratched and if I am shooting directly into the sunlight all I see are little white dots all over my final photo. Because it's a point-and-shoot replacing the lens is not an option and would probably be just as expensive as replacing the camera.

Any suggestions on a reasonably priced, quality DSLR?

April 10, 2014

A Birthday and Star Wars Cupcakes

My little guy turned seven! He asked for Star Wars cupcakes. Storm Trooper marshmallow heads using food writer markers and light sabers made from pretzels and red and blue candy melts.

These are very doable for anyone but a little time consuming.

They started out very simple and elegant and I was very tempted to leave them as is. However, I knew if I went walking through the door of my sons classroom with pretty cupcakes he would not have been happy; in fact he may have been a tad embarrassed in front of his buddies.

The cupcake itself was made with dark cocoa powder and the frosting was a simple cream cheese frosting using only 3 cups of powdered sugar. I'm not one for an overly sweet piece of cake.

They passed the test. All the kids knew they were Star Wars cupcakes and gobbled them up. I thought I might get a few complaints because they were dark chocolate but that didn't happen.

Happy Birthday, Son!

March 28, 2014

Lucketts General Store

I have been traveling around parts of Virginia and Maryland in search of a horse for my oldest daughter. We decided to move on the prospect of owning a horse of our own towards the end of last year. My daughter really loves riding for pleasure and riding competitively. I love horses and grew up riding so what is bringing joy to her has been bringing joy to me as well. We have leased horses in the past and may still end up leasing but hope to find a horse that we feel will be a great match.

On my most recent travels we came across the Lucketts Store. I first found out about Lucketts through Miss Mustard Seeds blog. I've wanted to go for the longest time but have not had the chance. So you can imagine my surprise and excitement when we drove right by the shop. We had to turn around and go back so I could browse.

So much to see and you'll never look at all of it in one visit.

I'm seeing items I didn't see when I was there.

I love that red suitcase and the moss covered bodice. I hadn't seen the red suitcase until I started going through my pictures.

This staircase has so much character. I accidentally hit something on my camera that changed the setting and it highlighted the red only. I chose to keep the setting because I think it looks really neat.

Lucketts had loads of great throw pillows.

Here are a few more.

There is also another little shop sandwiched right up next to Lucketts. I can't for the life of me remember the name but I snapped a photo of one of the rooms that I thought was pretty.

These great shops are loaded with inspiration and antique finds. Definitely worth a shopping trip. Especially if you're in search of unique one-of-a-kind home decor items.

Check out these fantastic lockers that they have outside just waiting for someone to buy them. Don't you think they'd be great as bedside tables for a boys room?

Wish us luck on our continued search for the right horse for my daughter.

January 31, 2014

The Electra Basket Custom Liners

At the turn of the year there have been several basket liner requests. Those requests have been for some really great bike/basket combinations. The above is in the works and look at how great this combination turned out.

All I can say is... KEEP THE ORDERS COMING! These combinations are a lot of fun and you'll be styling on your cruisers.

January 30, 2014

Custom Invitation

I recently designed invitations for my babies 5th birthday. Yes I said it! Her 5th birthday. She'll be heading to school in the fall. I'm not sure I'm ready for all of that.

We celebrated her birthday "The Frozen Way"! I created snowflakes using the number five and then used them in a pattern for the back of the invitation. I think that's my favorite detail! I didn't stop there though. I followed that up with hand-cut, glittered number fives.

I've been toying with the idea of offering small quantity, custom invitations for those special occasions when electronic invitations just aren't enough. Stay tuned.

December 18, 2013

Merry Christmas & Family Photos

This year I decided to design and print my own Christmas cards. I also took our family photo's with my little point and shoot camera. Considering I was working on a tight budget I love how everything turned out. My oldest daughter was able to snap the photo of my handsome hubby and myself smooching underneath the mistletoe (wink).

I really love how all the photos look in black and white.

I had four of them printed on a nice white stock and hung them on my chalkboard wall.

I would love a DSLR camera in 2014 to take my photo taking to the next level. Maybe the hubbster will read this and surprise me.

I pray you all have a wonderful holiday season. I pray that you get a minute to reflect on 2013, to set some goals for 2014 and enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation.

November 13, 2013

Faux Antler Wreath


I recently spotted a faux antler wreath on Pinterest. I followed the link and ended up at Restoration Hardware. Priced at $299.00 and probably worth every penny, but way out of my budget, was this amazing, statement decor, cast of resin. Granted my version isn't as pristine but for about $10 it's a fairly decent knock-off.

Antlers are on trend right now and my extremely limited budget does not allow for splurges like this one. However, I figured I could create something similar using clay. It would take an awful lot of Sculpey or Premo and so I sought after an even less expensive alternative. Browsing my local craft store I asked an associate what my options were. She directed me to the Crayola Model Magic. I bought the container that had 4 packages of solid white model magic and only used one-and-a-half of the packages in the box. So it goes a long way. If you decide to create your own in the size I've done, you'll only need to purchase two of the individual packages and not the big box.

The Model Magic is inexpensive and really easy to work with and mold. A couple downsides would be that it takes 72+ hours to dry and it cracks easily so you need to be careful.

I've displayed it on my chalkboard wall, hanging from a thin gold ribbon, in the kitchen. I want to add a few more holiday/winter touches to this wall in the near future. Right now we're in the middle of painting our living room, finishing up slipcovers and also having custom shelving units installed in my office.

That said, my house is in disarray which drives me crazy and makes it tough for me to focus. I hope we get it all completed asap so I can decorate for Christmas.

Linked up at 36th Avenue & Craftberry Bush.

Thanks for reading!
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